Let It Flow

Tonight was the first event at John Ross Palmer Studio and Gallery that we Escapists attended, also our first occasion to show the work hanging in our studios to collectors. It was a lot of fun! Again, there was an abundance of positive energy, and two of its sources were definitely my fellow Escapists, AVM Hawkins and Paula Hawkins. I love these two ladies! They both have a special light! I think we are a wonderful match for each other too, we feed off each other’s good energy and we enjoy talking to each other.

Tonight AVM suggested something really cool: She said that it’s fun, especially on days when one is tired, to let a piece of art absorb the day’s intensity, to simply paint or draw and let the piece go wherever it wants it to go, to let it evolve freely. Not sure I’m doing a good job expressing what she said, but it’s the kind of freedom I rarely allow myself (I just don’t know how). Tonight I gave it a shot and made the thing above. It was fun. And now I’m going night-night with my dog. Tomorrow I have a meeting with John and then am driving to the Island to have my old lady get inspected. I’m hoping she’ll get a fairly decent health report. Also, I feel like I’m totally having the time of my life. I’ll keep y’all posted!

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