The Capricorn in the Attic

Today brought many challenges, some more fun than others: John Palmer, my mentor, challenged me to paint twelve small paintings very fast (in under an hour!) and bring them to First Saturday Arts Market tomorrow. The old lady on Galveston Island meanwhile did everything she could to test my love and devotion. See, today I met with the inspector. He was a Capricorn, therefore overwhelming, but charming and funny. He made me climb up to the attic. It was scary! Then he made me walk under the house, which was scarier still. Then he told me my house has plumbing, electrical, gas, and siding issues. And then some. I told him he was a goat with a fish tail. He said he’d never heard that before but in the end he declared it was true, and that a Capricorn always goes where the fish tail steers him.

I walked out of there wishing I had a fish tail of my own. Because I didn’t know anymore where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do. I was ready to bail on the old house and yet her beauty is hard to let go of. So for now I just went to my happy place: Tangerine Boutique. There I bought two red dresses and a little black top. Afterwards I walked on a very foggy beach. It was sorta surreal. You couldn’t see the Pleasure Pier with its roller coaster through the fog, but you could hear people screaming. I thought it was a good metaphor for what was going on inside my mind. So I drove back to Houston and painted 12 little paintings really fast. Tomorrow I might wear one of the red dresses to market. As to the lovely house… Je ne sais pas! I think I need a good sleep and then to talk to my cousin, another Capricorn, who’s all about real estate ventures! And whose fish tail has so far never steered him wrong.

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