Grackles and Hellebores

Today cat lady and I went to see the hellebores at Buchanan’s nursery in the Heights. They were beautiful! But I resisted buying them. I also resisted going through with the purchase of the lovely house in Galveston. It has so many issues, that each time I thought of it I felt overwhelmed. And I’ve got many other things to be overwhelmed by. The mentorship program has barely started but it’s already intense and amazing and I find myself wanting to spend more time in my studio at the Chrysalis, and especially more time with my mentor. The mentorship only lasts until October and I feel like that will probably come too fast. I have so much to learn and so much art to make! So yes, if the perfect Galveston house turns up and it requires little work, I will be open. But I might actually allow myself not to search all that intently for now. After all, my life is already bursting at the seams, and I need space to breathe and enjoy, space to actually be present and in the moment.

Walking away from the beautiful house feels a bit like a breakup. I even dedicated one of my favorite boleros to it. But in the end, if the foundation is not solid, it doesn’t matter how many charming features one falls in love with, does it?

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