Happy Year of the Dog!

Remember how I said a while ago that the year of the dog would be good for business? Well, it is! The First Saturday Arts Market was fabulous today! I met some very nice people! The paintings my mentor, John Ross Palmer, had me make were a great success! And guess what? He even came by to see me and bought dog poetry! I felt so supported! Cat lady came too wearing the most amazing cat-print leggings (I swear, I don’t know where she finds these things!), and she hung around for a while and we laughed a lot! I wore my new favorite Natalie Martin dress that I bought yesterday at Tangerine Boutique and it felt comfortable and sexy and flowy and I sort of matched my new paintings and felt on top of the world!

So yeah, happy year of the dog! I feel like it’s gonna be a good one! And no, I’ve not yet decided about the house, but that’s ok.

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