Memories of Madrid

I know I’ve said it before, but today was truly the bestest day! John set up a projector in the gallery and we watched Women on the Verge, my all-time favorite movie, while we painted and the dogs sat on us. We also laughed a lot, as usual, and we made fun of a lot of things, including my efforts to clean the gallery. With the movie running as background noise, I had no choice but to paint the Metropolis Building in Madrid. I really like the way it turned out, so that made for a happy day.

I also had a nice dinner with a friend, and we discussed the things we want to achieve as artists, and the things we need to overcome to get there. Those seemed like good things to talk about on the New Moon in Pisces, which is all about forgiveness and moving on.

I think one of the things I’m learning is to be open to receiving the stuff I want. In art but in other areas of life as well. I still choke a bit at the financial aspect of things, I still have trouble pricing my work right, asking for what it’s worth, staying firm, etc. I suppose confidence comes with practice. But confidence also attracts more good things. So it is something I am working at, something I’m learning. Also, it’s something John said, but also something my friend and I were discussing at dinner tonight: the right partner will probably come along when I’m successful. I kept thinking for years now that I wanted someone to be by my side and give me support through this early struggling phase, but it makes sense that actually one would be able to attract and receive the kind of love and support one wants when one is standing on a firm foundation and has become comfortable with abundance, with receiving.

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