RIP Rhino

So sad to hear about the death of Sudan, the world’s last male Northern white rhino. Rest in peace, beautiful rhino!

Also, the dog and I drove to Beaumont. I went to class and all that. My students had some cool things to say, my favorite being the young woman who pointed out that not only is gender not binary, it’s a spectrum.

I took a walk, too, with my friend who has a big black dog. We walked by my former house and saw the two very noisy dogs in the yard. Holly showed no interest in the house, didn’t pull, or anything. It’s like she knows we no longer live there. She’s such a smart poochie.

It does seem surreal to be here though. Like visiting a former life. I can’t help it, I have to think about its detours, wonder how maybe things could have turned out differently. But in the end, I guess I’m just where I’m supposed to be. And while some paths have pretty much closed in on themselves, others have opened up.

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