A Butterfly Garden for Betty

Best thing about today: I got to write 1,000 words on my new manuscript. In it, Cornelius takes Betty to a plant nursery and buys everything he needs to build her a butterfly garden. See, Cornelius is a nice guy. There are reasons why Betty likes him. But everything is still complicated between them, as it often is in life. And in fiction as well.

I also got to go to the beach with a friend. We walked for two full hours. We needed it. We saw a beautiful sunset, saw flowers growing in the sand, ate avocado filled with shrimp and crab.

Still, on the drive back, one long and very dark stretch of Crystal Beach, I got mighty sad. The loneliness waiting for me in Beaumont, even though it’s only for tonight, was weighing heavy on me. The loneliness oppressed me, almost made me cry. I had to remind myself my dog was waiting for me, had to remind myself I’d get to draw Betty and her wildflowers. After all, Betty’s got trouble that’s a lot more complicated than mine.

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