Pearls for Barbara

This morning I watched Mrs. Bush’s funeral on TV, which was surreal considering it was taking place so close to my house. In fact, when walking the dog around the block this morning I saw police lights, that’s how close the church is to us. Anyway, it was quite touching to see the ceremony. I watched it with a friend of a different political persuasion, and I thought that was the beauty of it: someone like Barbara Bush was liked and appreciated equally by all. It was nice, in these troubled political times to have something to agree on, a common denominator that was positive and gentle and dignified.

A lot of women wore pearls today in honor of Barbara Bush, all throughout Houston and around the country too. I realized all my (faux) pearls have been sold in the Estate sale. Oh well. I figured I’d paint some instead of wearing them. And that’s ok. I also figured I would think of this special lady often and try to learn more about her life.

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