A Deer Wearing a Tiara

A lot happened today: Most importantly I met some lovely young women for brunch who have a book club and read Dogs with Bagels! It was a lot of fun! Especially the part where I asked them what other books they’d read recently and we discovered that some of them were books that absolutely haunted me.

Something else that happened today was that I realized my Escapist Solo Show on July 27th falls on a full moon, and not just any full moon, but the Buck Moon. The Buck Moon is when deer get new antlers! How fabulous is that? Especially since, if we went by the book, my spirit animal would probably be a deer (Native Americans had yet to encounter giraffes when they discovered spirit animal symbols!). So yes, this will be the perfect full moon for me. In its honor I painted a deer with a tiara. I hope it’ll help everyone remember the date of my solo show!

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