Lights and Drama

So the Spring Biannual is tomorrow, which is one of Houston’s most exciting art events. And guess what? Our brand new building at 1907 Sabine Street will be included! Please come by and see me between 4-9 in Studio 145.

To prepare I hung a painting on the wall outside my studio. I also got my hair cut. I took a much needed nap with my dog. And then I fretted a lot about lights. I have not yet gotten around to buying spotlights to point dramatically to the art displayed in my studio. Note: professional spaces with professional art generally include such spotlights. The building will even put these up for us if we give them proper instructions, but one can’t really expect them to do it last minute before the Biannual. So I decided to get up on a ladder and do it myself. Then I realized my ladder is too short. And I don’t really have the physical strength necessary to manipulate a bigger ladder.

You’d never imagine the drama that ensues if you post on Facebook “I need a man with a ladder.” Prepare to be shamed as a disgrace to the feminist cause. Oy vey!

I decided to either lie down on the railroad tracks by my studio and end it, or to give up on the spotlights for now, go buy overpriced guacamole and a bunch of tulips at Whole Foods, and try to have a moderately nice evening. I ended up crushing the tulips with my groceries because I completely fail at life. Not just at feminism. Luckily tulips are pretty resilient. And so am I. Come see me during the Biannual! It’s totally cool if you don’t bring a ladder.

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