Paris, Texas

“Is that Paris?” John asked, knowing full well that the painting with the spring flowers I hung outside my studio at Sabine Street was of Bucharest. But this is how he likes to mess with me. “You should say it’s Paris! It will be easier to sell that way.” Ha! He knew I wouldn’t do that, but the opportunities to tease me, given my complex identity issues he perpetually mocks, were endless.

Well, I am happy to report that a very special collector reached out to me today and bought the Spring in Bucharest painting. And serendipity will have it, that the collector lives in Paris, Texas. Which is why I painted the mansion above. That, my friends, is in Paris. Paris, Texas, not France.

You can imagine I am very happy! Another big painting (my donkeys from the Transalpina!) sold today at Open Studios at the Chrysalis, and it’s going to Galveston, to a house full of local art. So yes, as you can see, good things are happening under the auspices of the full moon, the Pink Moon of April.

I feel that I’ve learned a lot this weekend, or that a lot of lessons have finally sunk in. I think I’m finally learning how this unfolds, the process of making, showing, and selling art. You’ve got to be patient. You’ve got to do things with purpose, yet not be desperate. It’s all a lot like falling in love.

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