Today’s painting, La Devociòn Andaluza (also known as Oración, which means Prayer in Spanish) is inspired by several things: Staying up way too late to finish Tangerine, a story about a crime in Tangier that ends in Malaga, remembering that I’ve wanted for years now to move there, and realizing that maybe I still should. It’s also inspired by something a friend said vis a vis my whole ladder/ lights conundrum. She said “asking for help is a dying art form, and the only type of prayer I still believe in,” or something to that effect. I liked that, especially since, relying on the kindness of strangers is an act of faith in the Universe and in the goodness in people. So, of course, I was happy today when perfect strangers working on our brand new studio building agreed to point my spotlights to my paintings. See, the Universe can be kind.

Later, in my Escapist studio, I was working on Oración, when Lily arrived. Lily is actually called Nabarupa. A talented photographer, she came to us all the way from India. She is our fourth Escapist sister who finally joined us today after a journey spanning more than 30 hours. It was so wonderful when she arrived! She is a warm and joyful person and we had an instant connection. Like real sisters we jumped on her bed and acted like children, totally excited to have this opportunity to meet and play!

So yes, I would say that even in our occasionally lonely modern times, prayer still works. When you believe, the Universe unfolds its magic for you.

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