Gold Shoes and Stolen Paint

Confession: I steal my mentor’s paints. He started it! Anyway, I got into the habit of cheerful retaliation and now as soon as I get to the gallery I raid his stuff first and pick what I like best. Stealing paint is lovely not just because it’s funny and free but also because you get to try colors you would have never bought yourself.

So yes, I made a big elephant painting with paints I (mostly) stole from John. I also stole gold paint for an abstract painting that matches my new shoes.

In the evening I got a bit obsessed with labyrinths. They’re fun to draw, relaxing, magical even. But do you know the difference between a labyrinth and a maze? A labyrinth is unicursal. A maze offers diverging paths, some leading to dead ends. So, I suppose the more interesting question is: Do you think life is a labyrinth or a maze? Do you think we have choices?

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