To be honest I’m still completely giddy from last night’s sales. I also have this great feeling that in a magical way things are coming full circle and that things I did a long time ago, things such as my Barcelona art show, are now finally starting to yield results. Here are some of the things that found good homes: my Girl with Doves, one of my favorite paintings ever, El Vermut, originally painted for the Barcelona show three years ago, and two of my favorite little Barcelona watercolors including Desayuno con Alicates.

And so today, to celebrate, I painted some details of Casa Mila (my favorite Gaudí house) on gold watercolor ground. I also drew gold and silver labyrinths on some abstract pieces I’d made a few months ago during one of my meetings with John. While I did this, Lily was addressing thank you letters in her studio. As usually, I found her presence very pleasant. Her being here makes me happy.

John and Ryan were hosting a painting party next door, and the guests came to see our studios. This led to even more sales! Two of the original Bettys found a good home and stayed together as a series! A Louis Vuitton mannequin surrounded by puffins was lovingly adopted too. I’m so excited this is all happening! It’s pure magic!

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