A Big Red Labyrinth

Please bear with me while my labyrinth obsession continues. Today I decided to do a huge one on a bright red background on raw canvas. It was definitely the kind of painting one should start if one is wearing white pants, and the studio is really nice and clean. I still don’t know what this will look like when it’s dry, but I guess I’ll see tomorrow.

Other highlights of the day: My sister wanted to come with me to my Sabine Street Studio to help me clean it! See, there is someone in my life who wants to help! Afterwards we checked out the murals at Sawyer Yards, had a quick coffee at Catalina Coffee, then went to soak up a little peace in one of my favorite places: the historic Glenwood Cemetery.

In the evening I went to visit the Girl with Doves in her new home, and that was just delightful. She has certainly found the most wonderful family in a very charming house, a house with an interior that matches her colors perfectly.

And also it occurred to me while painting the big red labyrinth that this is possibly the happiest I’ve ever been.

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