Chasing the Light

Today two girls, a dog. and a camera drove down to Galveston chasing the light. It was so exciting to go to the Island with my sister Lily, not just because she’s a world class photographer with a world class camera and I can’t wait to see the images she captured, but also because she’d never been there before and frankly, I believe that the first time someone dips their feet into the Gulf of Mexico – especially someone coming from as far away as Calcutta! – is a milestone to be celebrated.

A day, of course, can seem very short on Galveston Island, especially if one is taking pictures and having fun. We managed to squeeze a lot in: nail trim for the biggest dog in the Universe, trip to Tangerine and the Kitchen Chick, iced coffee from the Tremont House, a short excursion to the Strand, a glimpse of the ship channel, dinner at The Porch overlooking the water, and a long walk on the beach at sunset.

What was wonderful, though, after all these things we thoroughly enjoyed, was returning to the Heights and realizing we are happy to be back.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day! …did you make sure Lily left with sand in her shoes – this assures she will return!

    how is it I lived in Galveston for 8 years and never discovered that sweet little church?

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