Today I’m better. The loneliness has seeped into my system and isn’t easy to shake, but as the secret stash in my sister’s room keeps growing, I’m starting to recover my spirit. Especially since today I really like what I painted. Still, I’ve so much more to do! I really want 40 paintings in the show, and I want to love them all!

But I’m also trying to relax and to enjoy the process. Today, for example, I took some time off from making stuff for my show, to paint a picture of @chloethesustinterrier, a cute little dog I follow on Instagram. Which reminds me I should probably wash my own monster. And that’s not something she enjoys!


  1. Oh, I’m so glad you’re feeling better. And glad the stash is growing, I know that makes you happy! Your show is going to be terrific, E!! Sure wish I could attend…

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