The Test

Someone once told me that painting a painting means casting a spell and I agree. I mostly try to cast good spells, and put good energy into the world, but considering the whirlwind of emotions I’m experiencing as I’m getting ready for this show, I need to test them and make sure. This is why, so far, my favorite part of getting ready for The Platform is hiding my paintings in Lily’s room. See, I don’t just hide them in there, I make a little gallery for her, making sure the newest creations are visible. In the morning she tells me how she feels about them. A photographer, a world traveler, and an overall sensitive person, I trust Lily to evaluate these paintings’ full emotional impact. Also, she’s honest because she’s a Sagittarius and because we have that kind of transparent relationship. In fact, when she told me to paint over something, I did.

But today she said the most wonderful thing: She said last night she slept with her head at the foot of the bed, so she could be closer to one of yesterday’s paintings. That made me so happy! And I needed that today, because today, once again, has been hard.


  1. Breathe, little one, breathe deeply! You’re going to be fine 😊
    I love the two “golden” paintings. They just feel sunny and happy to me.

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