40 Paintings. 2 Dresses.

It’s done, y’all! I have 40 paintings!!! I also went back to Saks and bought the red version of the blue dress I got yesterday. I also bought body glitter oil (because everyone needs that), some lovely Chanel makeup, and a decadent lunch at Peli Peli. It included a carrot ginger soup my waiter advised against. He said it tastes lovely but has the texture of baby food. I said: “Please bring it! Baby food is just what I need! I want to pretend I’m a baby and all I have to do is eat and sleep.” It was lovely indeed, warm and comforting, like a hug, and after eating it I took my shopping bags home and slept like a baby.

Things improved tremendously when I awoke from my nap. I got an email from a collector who loves the commission piece I made for her, another from a former student I’m very proud of who is moving to Houston for law school. I also had a brand new red dress and a party to go to.

Today was the unveiling of John’s Bogotá series, which he painted during his trip to Bogotá. It was quite the party and I’m not gonna lie, tired as I was, the red dress made the occasion very fun for me. I got to talk to a lot of lovely people, and of course I invited them all to come see my show. I even had a friend offer to maybe help me stretch the large canvas. So no, I no longer feel all alone, and all the other bad feelings have shifted. I get a little down on life at times, especially when I’m stressed and tired. But I’m ok. And I’ve learned a few things. Such as: Don’t paint anything you can’t lift! Seriously. It might be my new mantra. And on that note, love y’all and good night!

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