From the Dog Show to the Hanging

This morning I helped my mentor at the World Series of Dogs Show at NRG Stadium, where he has a booth advertising his pet portraits, which are amazing (he did, among others, paint President Bush’s dog!). I’m not going to lie, I had a blast at the dog show! There were all kinds of dogs there (Holly would have hated it!) and they were cute, and we had all kinds of fun conversations (mostly with the humans, but sometimes with the dogs). I invited everyone to my show, of course, which is coming up quickly, and for which it turns out that John can’t help me hang stuff. Which is kinda scary because the hanging is tomorrow! Talk about pressure! Enter two fabulous, amazing, awesome, life-saving girl friends! Both with a keen eye for art, both with experience and flair. I am so lucky they said yes to helping me at the last moment! So, onward and upward. I can do this! Tomorrow should actually be fun!

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