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Today I got to show the gallery to two very special collectors. I also got to swim in the pool, to cuddle with Bobby and Nancy on the couch in John’s studio, and to have a very lovely long lunch with a fabulous new friend. It was a pretty decadent day, and when in the evening I realized that my lighting in the gallery is not as good as I thought and that I’ll have to fix it tomorrow, at great expense, no less, it seemed like yet another unexpected crisis, one that hit me at a moment when I thought the excruciatingly hard part of the solo show preparation was done. But it’s ok. I’ll get a good night’s sleep, and then I’ll figure out the gallery lights tomorrow.


  1. Fixing the lights will give you something to focus on at the eleventh hour instead of fretting? Sorry about the expense, though.
    I love how you do pigeons!! This painting is a beauty! The yellow b/g makes it so happy.
    The big day is upon you, Elena, hope you have a splendid crowd and sell everything! Hugs!

    1. Thank you!!! I’m excited! And somebody really nice offered to help with the lights. I wish they weren’t that expensive but I am thankful I can afford such a hefty last-minute expense. John said they will pay for themselves as good lighting will definitely help sell the paintings.

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