Previews and Private Tours!

With my solo show, The Platform, hung in the gallery, I am now thrilled to offer previews and private tours! They include chilled cava and are a lot of fun! Please contact me for one especially if you can’t make the party on Friday, and even if you can. (Reminder: Opening reception is Friday July 27, 6-8 at 1218 Heights Boulevard).

Also, today, during a private tour, a collector said the cutest thing to me. We were talking about my dog poetry (available in the gallery along with my novels) and she said that dogs are in crisis. They were bred to be useful, and what do they do nowadays? Boston Terriers, for example, were bred to catch rats. I’m pretty sure Holly has never even seen a rat. Any idea what that does to her identity and her sense of purpose? I think she’ll have to write a poem about this. Also, does anyone have rats? Pretty please?

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