Vow of Silence

This is interesting: I’ve taken a vow of silence. Apparently the only way to heal laryngitis is to rest your vocal chords. Completely. Even the whispering I’ve done over the past few days was actually hurting. See, I’ve done my homework. I’ve even gone to the doctor, something I rarely do, but I do have a doctor I like, the clinic is close to home, and I hadn’t been in a year, so why not? It was nice to learn there’s nothing seriously wrong. A little cough syrup and a lot of rest can fix this. It’s the rest part that I really suck at. Rest makes me bored and restless and leads me to think too much about stuff that’s not necessarily good for me.

I also had a nightmare last night and it took me all day to put two and two together. The rotting and decay in my nightmare, the alligators too, this is probably about the one-year anniversary of that awful hurricane approaching. Which comes with good and bad. It is a milestone to be celebrated. Things have changed. I’ve grown. I’m different than I used to be. My life is very very different. And still, it is the anniversary of a particularly bad moment and I figure it’s bound to stir up some ghosts.

And speaking of… It might be time for more changes, more renewal. It might be time to finally start looking for a place to live in the Heights. I do love my tiny apartment, but it might be a tad too small (especially the kitchen!) and I’m too far from too many of the things I like to do. So maybe it is time to tear myself away from this little bit of security and search for something better. It’s a bit scary, but definitely not as scary as staying stuck.


  1. Shhhh! I read that whispering is harder on your vocal chords than talking. While you’re being quiet and resting, you could work on your (poor neglected) latest book? I’m ready to read it 😉

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