Still Silent

I think I’m getting better at this whole silence thing. Oddly enough, the creature with whom it’s toughest not to talk, is the one that can’t even speak human: my dog. I can explain the silent treatment to just about everyone else, but my poor poochie must be really confused that none of the familiar sounds are coming out of my mouth.

I even managed a silent lunch, with my friend Jill who was a good sport and laughed about it. We went to Bistecca for Restaurant Week. It was nice, though a feeling of deja vu creeped in. Restaurant Week was what I was amusing myself with last year, right before Harvey. Some other unpleasant things were going on in my life at the time, and while I’m happy to have overcome all that, revisiting it is not pleasant. Especially now that I’m trying to recover from laryngitis and the accumulated tiredness from my art show. Still. Like I said yesterday, the anniversary of this awful storm is a time to celebrate survival and change.

Perhaps now is a good time to announce that I’ve been invited to participate in a Harvey Retrospective Show at Hardy and Nance on August 24th and 25th. They even used my watercolor from last year to advertise it. I think I might have to sit myself down and paint something upbeat for this occasion, and hopefully this will cheer me up.

For now I painted this rabbit. And I pooled all my efforts into feeling better. Ironically some girl with an overly enthusiastic German Shepherd made me scream (a silent yet painful scream) by invading the personal space of the Biggest Dog in the Universe and almost causing the Apocalypse. Why don’t people ask? I really hope she hasn’t undone all my good work over the past few days.

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