From the Dog Show to the Hanging

This morning I helped my mentor at the World Series of Dogs Show at NRG Stadium, where he has a … More

Retail Therapy

In which I run around like a headless chicken all day feeling stressed and overwhelmed and finally end up in … More


In which I’m really really tired from making stuff for my show, so I decide to go get a massage. … More

Everyday Miracles

Something magical happened today, though it started off as a day that seemed not inclined to magic. Then again, it’s … More

Here Comes Hollywood

“Oh! Here comes Hollywood!” the homeless man on the train platform screamed. Lily and I walked faster, but we couldn’t … More

Doves and Such

Today’s Open Studios involved a lot of painting. Here’s a detail of some doves I particularly like. It was a … More

Come Celebrate

There are several things I realized today: 1) I can’t really post pictures of the watercolor unveiling just yet, because … More

Dog Days

Today it’s been hot and humid and my little dog slept a lot. My friend helped me organize my watercolor … More