The Platform. Reformatted

Here’s what I did today: In preparation for White LinenNighttomorrow I added some new paintings to my solo show (to replace the many that have sold). Let’s call it The Platform Reformatted. I hope you’ll come see it even if you saw the original Platform. There are quite a few surprises, such as the oil painting above (Sparrows, 24×24 inches, oil on canvas, $500).

Hanging was fun today. I love doing this. Also, I’m quite excited about tomorrow’s party and about life in general. I’m starting to look at places to live in the Heights, starting to envision the perfect home where I can invite collectors and have open studios and parties.

Also, I washed the dog.

Oh, and I’m still voiceless. I almost forgot. I’m used to it by now and I find it very zen.

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