White Linen

The party was very beautiful. My friend Meaghan came and was my voice for the evening. That was amazing of her! I also typed little messages into my phone for people and it worked. I was dressed in white and completely silent. You’d think I was on a yoga retreat. Instead I was socializing at White Linen and selling art.

It was a fun night. In a way my silence made it funnier. One of my favorite moments, though, came when a lady I had never met before walked in wearing one of my Houston in the Rain shirts. That was amazing! I managed to communicate to her that I’d made that. We took pictures. She actually gave me – what a sweet little gift! – a teeny tiny polaroid of us both and in it I look like my mother.

I can’t say how special that moment was for me, seeing my shirt on someone I didn’t know, who didn’t know me. Sometimes I can just feel it: Houston loves me back. And on that note, good night! Dream of white roses!

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