She Steals Sugar Bowls…

She steals sugar bowls; I steal my mentor’s art supplies. She loves to travel and to transform herself, assuming new identities; my solo show is all about travel, and has undergone some transformations of its own.

I feel like Miss Vulpe, the young adult protagonist of a novel that’s definitely for adults only, belongs in the Franklin Gallery right now. So I am very pleased to announce that I’ll be having a book signing on Tuesday, August 14th, 6-8. Come by The Chrysalis (1218 Heights Boulevard) to learn more about The Adventures of Miss Vulpe, and my other books as well. I will have a short reading, then sign copies of all books (including my #1 best seller: poetry in my dog’s voice!). There’ll be champagne, of course, because Miss Vulpe wouldn’t have it any other way!

Please don’t bring children or anyone easily offended. But do bring friends looking for a funny and irreverent beach read!

Featured paintings: Sugar Bowl 1; Sugar Bowl 2, acrylic on wood, 10×10 inches, $100 each.

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