Soy Dispenser

For lunch today I saw an old friend and her family and we had Chinese food in the Galleria. They had these little soy dispensers on the tables, which were really cute. I thought of how Miss Vulpe would probably love to steal them.

And speaking of Miss Vulpe, I stayed up way too late rereading the book, trying to find a passage suitable to read at the book signing. It was funny how sucked in I got into the story and how late I stayed up. I felt a bit tired all day, but still, some things were very nice, such as the Restaurant Week dinner I had with the friend who helped me at White Linen when I had no voice. We went to Caracol, and it was beautiful and amazing. Our conversation was a bit like rereading Miss Vulpe too. We had a lot of catching up to do and I didn’t want it to stop.

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