Hurricanes and Miss Vulpe

It’s been a complicated day: my body felt sore and heavy from the beach (my friend says that the detoxing little crystals in the sand cause sleepiness and flying dragon sightings), and I had to look at houses in the Heights – not just any houses, but ones where I could potentially host events for collectors. A good address with good parking, that sort of thing. And because house hunting has always been daunting for me, you can imagine this was too.

In the middle of the day I had to take a break and take a nap. The flying dragon was happy to join me. Afterwards I felt better and my mind was more focused. I still wasn’t ready to make a decision about houses, but I did manage to finally select the passage of The Adventures of Miss Vulpe I’ll be reading at my book signing Tuesday night. I even did a drawing of Miss Vulpe.

Then I went into my studio at Sabine Street and painted three abstract little hurricanes for the upcoming Harvey Retrospective Show at Hardy and Nance (August 24 and 25). The studio felt really good. I left my door open and friends I hadn’t seen in a while came in.

Later I drove by two of my favorite houses at night. I felt good in both locations. And yes, I actually picked one. Keep your fingers crossed! This will help me take things to the next level!

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