Glitter and Good Karma

So today I filled out an application for the house I found in the Heights. Afterwards I recycled all the empty water bottles in my car, hoping to generate good karma. I’m still on the fence about my decision. I mean, I like my current apartment a lot, although I feel like I’ve outgrown it. Also, I do want to take the next step for my art business.

As if on cue, the books for my book signing arrived. It was impossible not to get excited. So when I met my friend for a painting party at my Sabine Street studio later tonight I was in a good mood. I painted a party scene, something that could easily be a scene in The Adventures of Miss Vulpe.

I also messed with yesterday’s abstract paintings of hurricanes. I decided I need to change them. I don’t want to paint hurricanes as that is not the type of energy I want to put into the world. And so I got stuck in a never-ending abstract painting process in which I basically mess everything up before finding a way to fix it (hopefully). I talked to my friend about the house. “What can go wrong?” she asked. She always asks that. In the end, we both concluded that even if things go wrong I will probably learn things for my business for the future.

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