It’s been drizzling on and off all day. The sky is cloudy and the temperature is no longer the oppressive heat of Texas summer. Though I have to admit I kind of enjoy the oppressive heat, especially when stepping out of an overly air-conditioned restaurant.

My friend and I went to try a new place in Montrose called Vibrant, then on to the Museum District to see the new bean sculpture everyone’s been making a big fuss about, and the new Glassell School of Art. We quite enjoyed the view from the roof!

In the evening another friend and I went to Emmaline for our last dinner out for Houston Restaurant Week, which ends today. It was quite lovely, especially the decor. And yet, there was an undercurrent of the Sunday blues about the whole experience. I guess there’s always something sad about Sunday nights and the beginning of Fall. Or maybe I’m just tired. I’ve been making a lot of changes, and I’m still waiting to hear back from the owner of the house I’m trying to lease. Have I mentioned I hate waiting?

I painted an old woman in the doorway of my favorite restaurant in Barcelona, an image they posted on Instagram. Unlike me, I’d like to think she’s happy to be waiting. Maybe there are wise people out there who know how to be comfortable with that. Me, I want it all, and I want it now, and I guess this slow Labor Day weekend with so many things unresolved is driving me a little nuts.

I did do two useful things today though, to move things along in other areas of life. I sent my (almost finished) manuscript for my road trip novel, which I’ve been sitting on for quite a while, to my friend in Amsterdam to read. Also, I’ve contacted the editor I used for Miss Vulpe so I can make sure she has time to work on the project. So yes, there are things I can do, even while waiting, to make sure there is progress.


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