What can be more exciting on a rainy morning than your mentor texting to say he’ll be hosting a friend’s birthday party and can you please order 120 tacos. Personally, I think each day should start with 120 tacos. So yes, today was fun! Lots of fun!

Even the rain didn’t seem as oppressive – though I did worry a lot for all my friends in Galveston. The Island got a lot more rain than we did and some of my friends’ shops flooded.

As to me, my house deal, I’m afraid, is falling through. It seems to not be the right kind of place for my business, and the business is my priority. Speaking of, I suppose this might be a good time to announce, since some of my very loyal readers have figured this out already, that I will be a full-time artist and writer come December. It’s been a long journey, but my dream has come true! My art business has grown to the point where it requires my full-time attention. I have an extensive list of wonderful collectors, many commissions to complete, and readers anxiously awaiting my next book (to be launched in December!), so it is time. I can no longer squeeze all these activities into the free hours allowed by my academic career (though these are plentiful). I suppose I’m finally at the point where I get to streamline my life and be my most authentic self. Speaking of which, did you know that September 2018 is the first month in 6 years that I have only one place to live? One apartment in Houston and that’s it! My life is no longer divided. For a girl with serious commitment issues, it’s a big step. But with help and support from all of you who read this blog and my books and who buy my art, I’ve finally figured out who I want to be, and I’m ready to be that person each and every day, not just on school holidays and long weekends. It’s feels positively liberating!

As to the painting above, it’s inspired by my friend Veronica Soare, who also is herself each and every day, and quite an amazing self at that!

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