Lone Wolf – Coming Soon

Happy to announce I’ve heard back from my editor, and my upcoming novel, Lone Wolf, is on track for its December release. No, this is not the Galveston ghost story I’ve been working on, but a manuscript that’s almost finished, about a writer who goes on a road trip. Her adventure starts on a train from New York to California, a journey on which she’s hoping to write but doesn’t, then continues as a road trip with a man she meets on the train, from L.A. to West Texas, with a stop at the Grand Canyon. I’m very excited about this book, especially since it’s a book about both travel and writing, two of my favorite things. It’s also a book about independence, about choosing to be free, about finding and pursuing one’s own path.

Serendipity has it that I have a painting to deliver to an old friend who lives in West Texas. I could mail it, of course, but what’s the fun in that? Perhaps as I prepare to publish my new novel, Lone Wolf, it’s time to take a road trip of my own and do some book promotion along the way.

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