Light Chasers

Today I painted a Spanish breakfast of chocolate and churros. Then I took Lily, my Escapist sister, to Galveston so she could take pictures for our graduation exhibit. She needed to capture the sunset, because that’s when the light is best, but also other moments of the day as well. “Photographers are light chasers,” she told me. Unfortunately for us, when we got there, it rained. There was also a problem with Lily’s memory card, so we ended up going to Target for her to buy a new one. That’s where I got an inflatable unicorn. Y’all know how I’ve always wanted one! Well, now I have one, only it’s a miniature one, meant to be a drink holder, which frankly suits me very well, as it’s so easily portable. Of course, I had to take my unicorn to the beach. By then it had stopped raining and the light was great. At sunset we even saw a rainbow, a huge one, the biggest I have ever seen. And though we both are apprehensive about the program ending, we saw this rainbow as a very good omen.

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