An Ice Cream in Venice

One of my dearest former students is traveling through Europe. Yesterday she posted a picture of an ice cream she was eating in Venice, and I just had to paint it.

With driving back and forth to Beaumont and having to lecture on slavery and the Civil War, my day was the opposite of eating ice cream in Venice. Still, I did a few self-preserving things that helped. One was having my morning coffee outside by the pool. This helped me achieve a sense of calm, and even maintain it throughout the day. I actually resolve to do this often as the weather is finally lovely, and with my Escapist graduation around the corner, the pressure is on, and I need to make sure I stay grounded and zen.

Also, it helped to realize this was my very last lecture on slavery. Because I have to say, as fun as teaching can be – and I’m lucky to be good at it – some topics are so awkward and dreadful that it feels like a surreal form of punishment to have to discuss them in front of a room full of people. So, moving on! Y’all please keep your fingers crossed as I prepare for graduation.

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