Busy Busy

Look at the little portrait I did of my dog. I love when she sits with her paws like that. Shows what a good dog she is! And to think that I barely got to spend time with her today! It was a fun day, but a busy busy one. I had my meetings with John and Ryan in the morning, which both were very nice. John even bought me breakfast at this coffee shop we like to meet at. Then I hung some of the paintings for my graduation exhibition – though not all – and I went to a collector’s home to hang the painting they’d bought. It was quite a lovely experience. I got to see their beautiful art collection, including several pieces of John’s. After that I had some phone calls to collectors to make, then I had to get ready to go to Lily’s book release party. There I had to take pictures of everyone with John and Lily, and now that I’m finally home I’m exhausted, but it’s been a really nice day.

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