John Saves the Day

So today I did the First Saturday Arts Market again and I was very stressed especially since I have to prepare my graduation exhibition and also was still tired from last night. But when I woke up I already knew it would be a great day. John had sent me a video of himself delivering my tent (which I cannot carry) to market. That made me so happy! When I got there, the tent was already there. And John even came by to see my later bringing Nancy and Bobby. I was so happy to see them!

Also, following Ryan’s advice I spent the day painting and working on my Escapist journal. Our journals will need to be turned in before graduation and I have so much to write and draw in it! All in all, I ended up having fun, although it was an exhausting hot day at market and there were no sales. Oh well… sometimes that happens. It was still a fun day! Some of my favorite collectors came to see me too, and that was very special.

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