The Journal

In order to graduate from the Escapist Mentorship Program, each Escapist needs to turn in a journal – a notebook John gave us each at the beginning of the year to record our experience in. I must say that in mine I mostly took notes during meetings with John and Ryan. Most of it was still empty. I started writing stuff down, started drawing too. I’m particularly fond of the drawing of Bobby and Nancy I did this morning, which I enhanced a little digitally on my iPad.

But it was my cousin who saved the day. He suggested I print my blog and put it in the journal. Today I selected some of my favorite entries. I printed them and stapled them to the pages of the notebook. It is now fat fat fat and very interesting and has beautiful pictures and writing. I hope John will enjoy it a lot! Now of course I’ll also have to copy useful notes from the meetings out of it before I turn it in on Friday.

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