Monarch Caterpillar

Today I drew a monarch caterpillar. I’ve been wanting to draw one for a while because they’re visually very appealing to me. Also there’s that whole transformation thing. It’s an important week, it being our graduation and all. I’m excited and a little bit scared. I suppose by now we should be ready to hatch out of the Chrysalis and spread our wings. Do you think butterflies get a little bit freaked out when they realize they can fly? Of course, butterflies are probably very wise and never think about such things.


  1. Sweet! Yes, you should be ready to spread your wings! You’ve had an amazing and productive year, E. Have you ever seen a monarch emerge from its chrysalis? It’s magical! I raised and released 15 of them this summer from tiny little caterpillars to beautiful butterflies. An incredible experience. And we’ve watched you do the same. You’re ready to emerge. Congratulations, Elena!

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