Cold Front

I have to say I really don’t like it, that first cold front of the season, the first chilly morning. It comes as quite a shock. It makes me sad, actually. So while most people in this hot climate welcome the change in weather, I tend to feel quite alone in my discomfort. Perhaps it’s part of living here that I’ll never get used to: the shock of sudden cold fronts and the humidity that makes the cold seem so much colder still.

Then again, perhaps I can’t live anywhere else. After all, I’m complaining about weather in the 70s.

What else happened today? I painted this painting of a party. Bobby and Nancy got a bath. Their ears were very cold and very wet afterwards and I felt very bad for them. Also, I started worrying that when the program ends I’ll feel lonely.

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  1. So, you’ll put on a pretty sweater and go visiting! It’s a whole new set of fashion options as things cool off, yay. How are things progressing with your new space? You haven’t mentioned it lately. Everything is gonna be fine, E.

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