Baby Rhino

Today I drew a baby rhino because truly, few things are as cute as a baby rhino. But also, because this image spoke to me. The baby rhino is looking up to the wiser, grown rhino, who is teaching it things. This is how I felt after my morning meeting with John where, overcome by all kinds of emotions in the eve of graduation, I behaved like a big baby and he needed to talk me down from the ledge. It wouldn’t be the first time either! I’m lucky that I have a mentor like that and that I can tell him all the things that worry and upset me. I love that he’s so very practical and no-nonsense about my neuroses and helps me trim down excess drama and baggage and get down to the essentials. Which are making art, being happy, making other people happy too. No matter what worries and concerns I have, I always leave our meetings feeling happy and like I can totally take over the world.

So today was a really good day. I even got a haircut in anticipation of the gala tomorrow, and I got to walk Nancy – which was the cutest thing ever.

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