Wrapping Up

It’s been a great day, yet once again an overwhelming one. This morning, during my meeting with Ryan, we started planning my move-out from the Chrysalis, my last event there (because yes, I will have one last event in that beautiful space and give collectors a chance to buy my paintings before I move them out), and the best way to start my events in my new space, and to keep the momentum. It all feels very exciting, if a bit daunting. I do know that I’ve learned enough to be ready to be on my own, and I feel confident that I can do it. But it does feel like the Escapist year has gone by so fast, and even though I’ve been very lucky in that the circumstances of my life have really allowed me to spend a lot of time with John and Ryan, and learn a lot from them, I still wish I could have been there more.

Between moving out of the Chrysalis and into my new gallery space, next week is bound to be intense and interesting. I’m also trying to wrap up a few commissions projects I’ve been offered during the mentorship. My paintings today are part of such a project.

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