Buffalo Energy

The day has been bittersweet, but overall good. My little sister, Lily, is going back to India soon. The news came to me unexpectedly last night, while I was at the Asia Society helping another friend sell her jewelry. It made me so very sad. And in the context of the Asia Society it was sadder still, because I remembered going there with Lily to see Chitra Divakaruni. Anyway, today we finally got to talk about it, and while we are both sad to be separated we know that this is best for Lily, her career, and her projects. Also we both feel very grateful to have met, and grateful for everything we have achieved though the Escapist Mentorship Program. It’s been life-changing for both of us, and we’ve both grown and learned a lot. It hasn’t all been smooth sailing either. Here’s a confession: my little sister and I have fought during this program. We are feisty little things, passionate and occasionally obstinate, and the program threw lots of challenges our way, at times things got stressful, and well… I wish we didn’t fight, especially considering that our time together was so limited, but in a way it has actually brought us closer together. And also, in the end, I’m grateful for everything, even the fights. The program, I must say, requires a lot of cooperation among its students, and as a bona fide lone wolf, cooperation is not really my forte. But I am glad to have stepped out of my comfort zone, and I know it has made me stronger, as a person, as an artist, as a small business owner. So yes, I’m happy about everything.

It’s not surprising that the image of the buffalo keeps coming to me these days. Last time I’d encountered buffalo energy was three years ago when I needed to stay strong and grounded and on my path. These things are, of course, still true today. But I’ve learned there is more to the buffalo. It is, apparently, among other things, a symbol of gratitude, of being happy with the gifts one has received, and also a reminder that gratitude attracts abundance.

Also, Holly and I are starting to pack for our move to the new place. We’re taking our unicorns and our ruffles and everything else too. We’ll keep you posted.

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