Ok, so I’m purposefully posting a somewhat blurry picture, because when it comes to commissions I really don’t like to reveal more than a teaser before the collector sees the original piece.

It’s been all in all a nice day, though a little bit of anxiety related to my upcoming move has crept in. I still have only packed the one box. I have, however, called the utility company and had a frustrating 20-minute conversation at the end of which I think I managed to transfer my electric service to the new place. I will call tomorrow to confirm because sometimes I worry about really silly stuff like that.

In an odd kind of symmetry, I got to see a friend today who’s very special to me and whom I haven’t seen much lately because she has a baby and a business. I remember going out for brunch with her shortly after I’d moved into the little apartment I currently live in. I remember the anxiety I was feeling back then, the doubts, the fear that I had made a big mistake. Yet this apartment ended up being my favorite home so far, or at least my favorite home where I’ve lived on my own (and I’ve lived on my own in 11 different places in 3 different countries). So hopefully seeing my friend before the move is a good omen. Also, we had quite a fun night. We ate spicy carrot pizza, kale salad, mushroom hummus, and cornmeal crepes at Weights and Measures, then went to the University of Houston campus to hear Barbara Kingsolver, an author we both love. She talked about her newest novel: Unsheltered. Again, this spoke to my constant search for a home I feel comfortable in. In fact, I’ll probably start listening to the book in the car tomorrow on my way to Beaumont.

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