Moving Out, Moving On

I’m not sure if Holly is pissed, or if that’s just her face, but she must be confused for sure, because once more I’m putting all her stuff in boxes, which is obviously very rude. Maybe in order not to shock her, or maybe simply because other things are much more fun, I’m moving at a snail’s pace. I’ve just gotten my boxes, recycled from a friend’s recent move, and most of them are still in the car, still folded flat. Oh well. It was more important to spend quality time with my sister, and more important to go to see the newly reopened Menil collection together.

Also, I’m getting ready for my move out of the Chrysalis, and that is daunting too. Next Sunday, October 28th, I’ll have my last event there, and offer collectors a last chance to buy my paintings before I move them out.

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