Another Carousel

Today was a very very happy day. I awoke well rested in my new room, which is sunny and overlooks a crepe myrtle. I spent some time on social media advertising tomorrow’s event (my last event at the Chrysalis – 1218 Heights Boulevard, 2-5pm), and came across a picture of my friend and collector sitting in the airport in Maine reading The Adventures of Miss Vulpe while waiting for her much delayed flight. I was so happy to learn that she’s enjoying it!

Then I got to buy a few things for my new gallery (fun things, mind you, like scented candles, soaps, and little towels), and to reconnect with a friend I hadn’t seen in a very long time. As if that wasn’t already amazing, he bought me a scrumptious Ethiopian lunch. Afterwards I took him to John’s, and while there I painted the carousel, which is a commission for a little girl’s room, and which I’m hoping the parents will love – the little girl is still too young to express her opinion in actual words, but hopefully she’ll love it too. Also, the picture only shows a detail of the painting, as I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

After I painted I got tacos (because how can a great day be complete without tacos?) and I accompanied John to a flamenco show at EQ, a local Heights coffee shop we both love. But, more on the flamenco show tomorrow…

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