Flamenco and Other Things

So I promised details on yesterday’s flamenco show at EQ Heights, but for now all I have is this one sketch. I’ll definitely do more, as the show was amazing. It was actually the type of show you’d be hard-pressed to find even in Spain if you didn’t know where to go for an authentic flamenco experience. I actually think I’d only been to real flamenco show once, in Lavapies, in Madrid. It was very late at night and my date and I were drinking manzanilla wine, a white wine I was probably too drunk to appreciate. The Gypsies danced and my date said something I back then considered profound. He said it wasn’t the beat that made flamenco special, but the silence. Last night, when I told this to John we both realized it was silly. Some things just don’t translate. By that I mean they make more sense on late drunken nights in Madrid.

Also, today was our last event for the Escapist Mentorship Program at the Chrysalis. Tomorrow I’ll start moving my paintings out. It was strange that I got very nervous during the event, even though I was talking to people I by now know well, who are all lovely and supportive. After the party was over, I felt very tired and also kind of sad. I was happy my friend wanted to have dinner. We went to Thai Bistro, where I ate a lot, and I was so grateful for the company. It’s going to be an adjustment, going from the Chrysalis, where there were other artists, to being by myself in my new place. Also, I have so much to do to set up, and I am feeling quite overwhelmed. Tomorrow I will sit down and make a list. And I’ll take it from there.

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