I Love Bobby

Here’s a sketch of Bobby, the English Pointer. I got to see him briefly this evening when I stopped by the gallery to pick up some more of my things and do some light spackling. It turns out I find spackling very zen, even after a long commute and teaching three classes. Also, it turns out I’ve a tremendous amount of stuff in the Chrysalis, not just paintings, but other things as well. I feel like I’ve been practically living there for the past year and now it seems surreal to move out.

A few nice things happened today, though, which need to be acknowledged: a student hugged me and said I was a good teacher and that she loved that I have so much respect for Civil Rights. That made me very happy, because more than ever I’m finding some of the topics I have to address in class difficult and uncomfortable. It’s one of the many reasons why I’m happy to be done teaching soon. Still, I want to give the students a valuable learning experience this semester, so the positive feedback meant a lot.

Also, my friend who has an amazing flair for design and beauty complimented me for starting my online store. She’s known me for a long time, and pointed out that I am doing what I’ve always wanted. That made me very happy. Of course, the store is in its emerging stages, but still, it’s there, and I will make it grow. It was good to have someone I care greatly about, and who has impeccable taste, acknowledge that this is a milestone.

Also, I really love Bobby. Nancy too. I promise that even after the program is over I’ll go see them often.

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