The Real Me?

With thanks to Fify Mahoney’s (934 Royal Street, New Orleans) for inspiring me with their posts of fabulous wigs! One day, my friends, one day I will go wig shopping in New Orleans!

I suppose I should thank my own subconscious too, though, for concocting a nightmare so surreal I awoke wondering about things. The wonder stayed with me throughout the day. The nightmare featured a frenemy who used to be very critical of me in an unpleasant, cutting kind of way. She is no longer in my life as frenemies are definitely one thing I have no time or patience for. Anyway, in the nightmare she accused me of being fake, of trying to be someone else, because I love to wear wigs and to dress up and to be crazy. She particularly singled out a relationship that meant a lot to me, and accused me of not being honest about my feelings throughout it. I awoke pretty shaken and started questioning myself. It took a while to remind myself that I have actually been honest in that particular relationship and that dressing up is simply part of who I am. Then I remembered, of course, that that particular friend used to first and foremost question my authenticity when it came to my art. “If what you want to do is have a gallery, why are you teaching college?” Yes, yes, she was on to something, and yes, perhaps it’s natural for her words to haunt me again now that I’m opening my own gallery space. It took most of the day to process all this and figure out that maybe what the dream was telling me was that I am in fact transitioning to my most authentic self.

Other than that, the day contained the task of moving my paintings out of the Chrysalis – not that I managed to move them all out just yet. I did fill the car to capacity though (and my small car can hold a lot of paintings!), and it dawned on me once again that I have painted a tremendous amount during my Escapist year.

What did I do with my car full of paintings? I took them to my studio at 1907 Sabine Street (Studio 145). My next event there is Saturday, November 10th, 2-5. I will also, of course, take some to my exclusive new gallery space uptown. And… here comes the big surprise: It might still be a little bit scrappy, and it might take me a while to load it full of watercolors and other goodies, but I’ve actually added a store to this blog (see top right corner). I promise to have it full of giftable items before the Holidays!

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